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2 Be Loved

Part Tracks

Lizzo A1 beg
Lizzo A1 m16 to end
Lizzo A2 beg
Lizzo A2 m16 to end
Lizzo A3 m16 to end
Lizzo S3
Lizzo S2
Lizzo S1

Notes from Jen:

You will want to listen to your part according to our 6 part split.



Soprano 2's, because some of you go with the firsts and some with the seconds during the 4 part splits, I included both on your track for those sections.

I play both notes but sing the lower note....if that is confusing, let me know and I can remake that track where I sing the upper note so we have both.

Also, I noticed that I messed up one rhythm on your track in measure 114. I sang "have" on beat 4 instead of the & of is correct the first time it happens so try to do it the same both times even though I didn't.


You will need to download 2 different tracks:
1. Either A1 or A2 for the beginning (everyone is singing their "normal" part in a 4-pt split)
2. Either A1, A2, or A3 for measure 16 to the end (NOTE! We solidified these parts last week but I forgot to confirm yesterday. Ali M, Deb G, Rachel H, April R, and Kristin B - you should all sing A2 for this part along with the 3 who were at rehearsal that day. Thanks! We need your lovely voices to boost this middle part!)



Please reach out to me at 703-217-2976 or if you need clarification, have other questions, or just want to chat. 

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