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What People Are Saying

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“See Change is an important voice in our choral landscape, sharing the music of social justice, change, hope, and love. This fantastic ensemble sings from every part of their beings and shares transformational music-making opportunities with their community.” -Bret Amundson 


"See Change is that rare choir that is willing to take bold chances and just go with it. I had the pleasure of writing a large work for them and they rose to the challenge with full hearts and voices!"

- Linda Kachelmeier- composer, singer, and choral conductor.

To learn more about Linda visit her website:


"Collaborating with See Change was an experience with so much artistic and human integrity, I can not imagine a better partner to work together through Covid to continue making art. Everything, everything was so hard at that time, and we created together with such determination through the seemingly endless pivots, and it was done with a shared commitment to excellence grounded in empathy and kindness. These strength of these qualities carry through in everything they do."

- Jennifer Hupfer Ilse - co- Artistic Director, dancer, and choreographer



‌"Congratulations to See Change on their recent concert, "We Rise!" It truly was a transformational experience. From the very beginning, I felt enveloped by the choir as they surrounded us in sound. Even moving from place to place seemed intentional, as if the singers were finding their path to empowerment through movement as well as sound. I was also impressed by the programming and was especially moved by the Dunphy, Szymko, and Kachelmeier pieces. What an incredible performance!"

                              - Catherine Dalton -composer


1658 Lincoln Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55105

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