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"It was in March of 2018 that I awoke one morning with the idea of See Change Treble Choir laid before me on the proverbial silver platter: 'The ensemble shall consist of 32 amazing humans, all ages, all experiential levels, who are dedicated to celebrating and sharing the strength and creativity of women through song.'


This is not an ensemble that “takes on” political or social justice causes; but through our presence as creative, supportive, and intelligent women, we hope to serve as an example of what women can do when they work together and play together respectfully. Our democratic processes ensure that all voices are heard and that all members contribute to the decisions made by the ensemble. Further, with so much choral leadership present in our membership, we try to give ample opportunities for choristers to find, teach, and conduct a portion of our repertoire. 


What I didn’t realize when the idea for See Change came forth was that the people who ended up in this ensemble would become my very dear friends. They all took a risk on something unknown, and together we have shaped an organization that feeds us in many ways. We look forward to years of choral music making and serving women and girls in the Twin Cities and beyond."


- Angela Kasper, Founding Artistic Director


Current Artistic Director of See Change Treble Choir, Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson, Artistic Director (2021-Present)

Amy Johnson (she/her/hers) is a founding member of See Change Treble Choir and is honored to facilitate democratic leadership in this amazing and unique ensemble as the Artistic Director. She is a dynamic and passionate musician, conductor, and collaborator. 


Former Artistic Director of See Change Treble Choir, Alyss Haecker

Allyss Haecker

Artistic Director (2019-21)

Founding Artistic Director of See Change Treble Choir, Angela Kasper

Angela Kasper

Founding Artistic Director (2018-19)

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